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By on January 27, 2012

So, friends life has been jam packed with cool stories lately. But, since our house is currently occupied by four adults, a toddler and a baby there has been pretty much zero time for blogging.
But, as SOON as a get a second ( hopefully this weekend) I’ll tell the incredibly cool story of WHY there are so many people in our house this weekend…

Until then a quick story:
Today is Brett’s birthday. Which is great. What is NOT great is that his Texas Drivers License and the registration on both our cars expired on the same day.
Of course, this fact wasn’t fully realized until two days ago ( cuz I guess we live by the seat of our pants around this joint), anyway, being the ultra Doer that I am, I jumped into ultra high gear and figured out a way to get all these things taken care of yesterday. The day before Brett’s birthday.
First, I got everything together for Brett to get a Georgia License ( it takes 40 days for Texas to renew a license long distance…so that was out).
And I waited until my babysitter arrived and then I planned to head to the JAG office to pick up the proper paper work to get our registrations renewed and then head out to the random teeny-tiny town where the registration office is located.

And then the curve balls came….of COURSE Brett couldn’t get out of work to get his new license…and *I* started searching the house high and low for our Power of Attorney ( so that I could do things for him)…and couldn’t find it. Any.Where.
It was horrible. I literally looked through ALL our files. ALL our drawers. ALL our boxes of misc. papers…and I got more and more worked up…finally I decided to drive to Brett’s office to check and see if it just might be in his car. And then when I got to his car, and searched it completely I got back in my car only to find that it was completely and utterly dead. As in deader than a door nail. As in so dead the automatic locks wouldn’t work.
And that was the last straw.

All my plans failed. Completely and utterly.
But you know what didn’t happen?! I didn’t start driving out to a little town in the middle of no-where and have my car completely die on me. INSTEAD it died in front of Brett’s company where I had my husband and 150 dudes there to help me. Talk about the perfect location for your car to die.

And then today, without any of my totally awesome planning involved at all-Brett got his new license, we got both cars re-registered, and our broken car got fixed.
A little bit humbling to realize my amazing management powers do not hold a candle to God’s graciousness.

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    January 27, 2012


    I am so proud of you! You are learning such great things and the Lord is really working in your life! I am really seeing you grow in the midst of some hard things!Love you!

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    January 28, 2012

    Aww. Happy Birthday to Brett. Glad the registration and license business worked out! Thanks for sharing 🙂