By on August 22, 2013

You know what’s hard? Blogging. Or should I say writing a post on your blog when you’re also trying to write a book and single-parent your two children under 3 while their Daddy is off doing “special work” ( as we so aptly named it so that Ransom could distinguish it from his usual every-day work). At the end of the day I’d have such big plans but lets be honest no matter what my plans were,  I’d crawl into bed with some chocolate and watch episodes of Suits instead. Day after day.

That being said, the Hubs is officially home and in the 3 days he’s been home I’ve taken a nap (!) and gotten on Pinterest (!!) twice ( incidentally I found this sinful desert called Hot Fudge Pie…and it was amazing) which means that I’m back within my capacity and I have a few brain cells left to function at the level that I need to write this post. So here we are.

Let’s back track to the part where I said I was writing a book ( its up at the top in case you missed it). Yup. I’m admitting it. It’s embarrassing really because if you go to a bookstore lately its crazy what gets published (twilight?! really?!)  and then I think about all the stuff that doesn’t get published and I’ve got to be real with myself and admit that what I’m writing will probably not see the light of day and so up till now was just calling it a “story”…and it is. It is our story.  But now that I’ve gotten several chapters in I feel like its only fair to call it a book. And no one ever said you had to publish said book for it to be a book.  So there it is.

And secretly I will be trying to figure out how you do publish books…because that seems kind of cool.

But speaking of our story, this week will be one year since I had emergency surgery in the hopes of saving our girls. One. Year. It blows my mind going back to those memories, remembering how we felt  -what we didn’t know then. So, today as I sit here next two a super chubby 7 month old who’s watching Praise Baby for the first time ( she’s more interested on eating my grocery receipt sitting next to her), I am in awe of how perfect Tabitha is….its worth saying over and over again like a broken record because miracles, in fact, don’t happen to me every day…and sometimes I need to remember the ones that have happened.  Tabitha is a miracle. I’ve got proof.
I’ve been reading through the beginning of the old testament the last few months and I like how God’s always telling the Children of Israel to put stones various places and name them certain things so that their children will look at that big rock over there and ask, “Hey, what’s that big rock doing right there?” and then they’ll get to tell their children what great thing God has done. I think that’s how I feel right now. I want my children to know what the Lord has done, and for me to do a good enough job explaining it that they will really be able to comprehend its greatness.

For now I’ll just give my baby kisses and thank God for her every single day.

P.S. My goal is to be done with my “book” by Tabitha’s first birthday…you know, first draft…but we’ll see how it goes.

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    Aunt Sheron

    August 26, 2013

    Welcome back! You were missed.