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Second Honeymoon time

By on June 23, 2017



Friends! It’s Friday! But its not just any Friday, oooooh nooooo, it’s also the “ONE MORE DAY”  in Ransom’s count down towards our family’s combo excitement over “Mommy and Daddy’s Second Honeymoon” and the “We’re getting spoiled by grandparents for days and days without interference” events of next week.

That’s right, as a celebratory nod to being married for ten whole years, Brett and I are headed out on a second honeymoon. A concept introduced to us by The Berenstein Bears and the Week at Grandma’s but very much supported by our whole family.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m most excited about, the fact that Brett and my wonderful parents agreed to watch our kids for three days each so that we ( mostly me) wouldn’t have to feel bad about placing a largish burden for watching three kids for a super long time on anyone in particular ( this is a big deal. Mom guilt is alive and well for me unfortunately)….or the fact that Brett and I are going to the San Francisco area where the projected highs for next week are in the LOW SIXTIES….or that we’ll get to sleep in for days and days in a row…..or that NO ONE is going to interrupt me and ask me to make them a snack for SIX WHOLE DAYS. Seriously so many things to be excited about.

Brett and I, when planning this trip knew that all we really wanted was to have a beach we could sit on, drink coffee and read to our hearts content, a new place to explore ( preferably somewhere neither of us had been before), and lower temperatures then what we’re use to in Texas in the summer! We’re excited about our AirBNB that we found right off the beach in Pacifica, CA and the chance to explore San Francisco a little bit, but also hopefully spend some time exploring some of the other towns along the coast too. Any recommendations from you, my friends?! We’d love to hear about any food we have to eat, sights we have to see and or particular times of day you think we should try taking a nap. Just kidding on the last one, we already know the answer to that…

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