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School year in review ( 1st grade and PreK)

By on May 28, 2018

This school year flew by and I can hardly believe its time for our “year in review post again!!”


Ransom is completing 1st grade in just a few weeks time. This year was still great when it came to the social aspect of school. I think first grade still falls squarely into the “little kids are simple and just want to be friends”. This was great news since its always the worry when it comes to public school, particularly. This year was a little different from last year because Ransom actually had to “learn” a few things. As he said to one of our mom friends* who carpools with me, “I’m generally a wiz at everything (*insert eye roll*) but I’m not very good at spelling.”

Yes, for the first time Ransom did not do something perfectly the first time. I say that with a lot of sarcasm. But what really happened is that first grade brought about the first testing pressure that Ransom has ever faced. Don’t worry, it didn’t cause him to want to study or anything. But we did learn some important lessons about how Ransom handles school that I’m sure will come into play in the future….sigh.

Also, this year brought about a math homework where I had literally NO IDEA what it was asking him to do. Seriously. Math has changed and it’s scary. Thankfully Ransom is a “wiz” so he didn’t need my help. HA!

Overall Ransom still LOVES school. He loves knowing exactly where he’s going every day and exactly what will be done there. This kid thrives on a solid schedule. If we ever do homeschool again the rigidity that this kid delights in might just kill us all…I loved that he met all sorts of different new friends and learned to play with people different from himself. I loved that we prayed for “K” in his class for a solid two weeks because she was acting out so much in class. I love that public school does not allow us to run from the world but take bite-size chunks of it to teach our kids really valuable lessons about loving people.  I loved that Ransom was the youngest kid to ever join chess club at his school and that it only bothered him a “little bit” that he never really won any games. I loved that he is enthusiastic about just about everything that comes his way in school.

I know absolutely nothing about the second-grade teachers at Ransom’s school and so I must depend entirely on my prayers for the perfect teacher for Ransom next year. Come to think of it, that’s the best place we could be!

Tabitha completed PreK 4 at a local Methodist Preschool. This school was a little more “school” like than last years school. This we felt was important since next year she’ll be making the giant leap to Kindergarten and we wanted her to be a little more prepared.  There was a clearer defined classroom setting, a clearer defined class ( no changing up of kids depending on the day!) and clearly defined activities each day. I was worried it wouldn’t be as fun as the previous school, but I felt we had to make the change to prepare her… That said…

I loved loooooved Tabitha’s school this year! The fun things they did with the kids were so great! From visiting the post office to mail a letter to having an entire fleet of different vehicles come sit in the parking lot for them to explore to a full-fledged rodeo-complete with their very own stick horse- Tabitha had the best time! Tabitha had some social issues early on in the year where she tried her hand at crying when she didn’t get her way ( she also tried this at home to no avail) But once we moved past that she loved every second of school and I think she’ll be ready *gulp* for Kindergarten next year!

Earlier this year I was super sick and my friend Emily* offered to take Tabitha with her after preschool and then just drop her off with Ransom later in the day to allow me some napping time. When Ransom and Tabitha came in the door at the end of the day it hit me what a change it will be to have two of my children gone for a huge chunk of the day! I know this will present some bigger challenges regarding my time spent with my kids during those precious afternoon/evening hours. I know that I am for sure implementing some serious outdoor play time ( rain or shine) and I’m already trying to come up with some plans to make that work even for my “I dont like the outdoors”child ( Ransom).


And now I’d love to hear how your school year went!


* Discussing this school year without mentioning my carpool buddy just seems wrong! Emily’s son was in Tabitha’s preschool class, and her older son was in Ransom’s Kinder class last year ( they still attend the same school!) and so we were able to coordinate double carpooling for both sets of kids almost every day. It was SO wonderful! And many times we were able to have each others Mom-back when sickness or appointments or other life stuff got in the way! What a blessing it was! Definitely one of the things I was most grateful for this year.