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School Update

By on May 28, 2017

I just realized that since the first month of school for my kids, I haven’t given you your MUCH DESIRED school update. But if you’d like to be reminded about our schooling choices this year, feel free to take a look back while we wait…

Let’s start with Tabitha: School has been very chill for her this year, in fact, I got a little too relaxed and since the school isn’t really big on sending home anything or even notes regarding the day, I just went by the pictures they’d post on their Facebook page of the kids having what seemed like a grand ol’ time. But, thankfully a little “scratching”  ( PS. she was the one scratched. But she probably “deserved it…”)  incident a few months ago brought me back into reality and I realized that while this school was perrrrrfect for a 3 and 4 year old to go and have an absolute BLAST playing ( and obviously learning) in a nearly empty museum, twice a week….it maybe was not what Tabitha needed next year when she turns 5 and we start in earnest preparing her for kindergarten.  For one thing, I knew  was going to need a lot more feedback and interaction with the teachers next year since I am planning on doing some supplemental kindergarten prep at home. So bottom-line: Tabitha is loving “school” she continues to happily play and learn there and enjoys having her own thing.

Which brings me to Justice: Justice has gone through many schedule changes this year as we tried to collide naps with other siblings school schedules. This was not a surprise, I knew this would probably be are most challenging year together, but he’s taken everything with great strides. For more than half the year, Tabitha’s school days felt like one long driving/napping day. Her school was so far away ( another major drawback) I would drop her off, drive like a mad woman ( windows down, music blaring) to get Justice home in time for his morning nap. He’d sleep. Then he’d get up in time for us to basically head straight back to pick Tabitha up. Only to return home to eat lunch and nap again, followed up another pick up ( Ransom this time). It was a bit of a drag for Justice- and for me-and I am happy to say we both probably rejoiced a bit when he dropped his morning nap and we could start hanging out and doing things during Tabitha’s school time. We’ve started going for walks and runs together, running errands ( Errands with a child who can’t talk is the BEST!) and I’ve enjoyed our little one on one time together a LOT.

Now for Ransom. A little plug for public school: As a christian one of the big things about sending my kid off to public school was this horrible, “What horrible things will they pick up?!” fear that seems to sit hard with most christian parents. That said, as of today, Ransom seems to have not picked up anything particularly bad at school. Instead, I’m happy to say he’s tried to share Jesus with his classmates on several occasions:

Before you get too excited they always go something like this:


  • On the way to the library, he happily yells out, “Hey! DO you guys know about Jesus?!” ….his teacher tells him to not talk in the hallway. End scene.
  • Ransom at lunch: “Hey chloe, do you know Jesus?”

Chloe: “yes.”

Ransom: “Do you know about the 2 kingdoms?” ( a gospel illustration we do a lot)

Chloe: “Ummm no?”

Ransom: “mmmmbbmbmdmg” ( apparently his mouth was full and then lunch was over..)

hahaha!  Annnyway, that being what it is, I do love that public school has allowed Ransom ( and myself) be a part of a community we probably wouldn’t normally have! Ransom’s class is made up of all sorts of races, cultures and economic mixes. But I love that he really only describes his friends by various skin shades not by their races or ethnicities. They are his friends and some of them have dark skin, and some of them have blue eyes and that only matters when you’re drawing a picture of them, or trying to describe them to your mom so she knows who you’re talking about. Other than that he doesn’t care much. One day, society may tell him something different about his friends, but he’ll always have this foundation to look back on. I hope it will help to speak to who he is in the future and I hope that will be caring and considerate person.