Saturday with Saul

By on April 25, 2022

I absolutely love lazy Saturdays. They don’t happen a lot, but when they do they are a salve to my soul.

Also: note for parents of small children. I remember WELL, reading the blog of a mom with kids in elementary school back when mine were littles. I remember her writing about sleeping in and truly thinking “How in the world can this be?!?” but 10 years later, here we are (just hold on, all seasons end).

So, on such lazy Saturdays I wake up to the sound of children’s laughter because they get to come out of their rooms at 7:30 and watch “weekend shows” one show per child (glory be!) and they even know how to get their own breakfast, or at least enough of them know how to get breakfast that they don’t disturb my slumber. So I wake up leisurely, and I get out of bed, go get my coffee (because Brett is a saint of a man who 1. wakes up before me. 2. makes coffee), and then I retreat back to my room. I open all the curtains to let the light stream in and I read my Bible in bed. Inevitably my children finish up their shows and come lounge on my bed. And I even love that part too!

Sometimes I get to tell them what I’ve been reading about, sadly this week I didn’t get to-they were too busy setting up a school for stuffed animals in Tabitha’s room. Incidentally, that school is NOT soft when it comes to discipline, from what I could hear down the hall. You’ve been warned! haha!

However, if I had been able to tell them about what I was reading this is what I would have shared:

In 1 Samuel 10 Saul is anointed king in one of those surprise “you go out looking for donkeys and you come home king” situations. Now, of course, we can all agree that those situations literally never happen and Saul probably felt the same way, in fact, it could have been really easy for him to doubt the whole thing. Yet, just as he was about to leave to go home, Samuel (who’d been the one doing the anointing) gave him a full play-by-play of what would happen next.

I must pause to say, anyone who knows me, will know that this is absolutely my dream scenario. And its definitely my kids dream scenario-they are infinitely asking “What’s going to happen next?!”

Well, that’s exactly what Samuel tells Saul in this story. He tells him that the donkeys have been found, that Saul’s gonna go here and meet these people and their gonna say THIS, and then he’s gonna go here and meet these people and they are gonna say THAT and then these people are going to give him two loaves of bread and then THIS going to happen….etc. etc.

So, yes, it happens. Just as Samuel said.

And while I’m over here reading this and feeling pretty jealous of ol’ Saul here, because, as I’ve said I truly truly love knowing what is going to happen…I also think, sure, this makes sense: God’s building up Saul’s faith here, right?! He’s showing him that he’s sovereign over all things, that he literally knows that you’re about to receive not one but two loaves of bread in just a minute or two… and it’s important for Saul to know God is a God who knows all things. Especially since he’s about to be King….

However, it struck me this Saturday as I read this passage that on days that we arent becoming king, God STILL KNOWS EVERYTHING. He still knows what’s going to happen, even though I really really don’t. He knows when I will become heartbroken, he knows when I will get excellent news, and he knows when I will be hungry and what I will eat. He knows who I will run into and what they need to hear from me. He knows what I will say. And what I wont.

We have a God who knows. So, I should act like it. Of course, the next step is TRUSTING him in the midst of all that sovereignty. But that’s for another day…

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