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Read Aloud Survival

By on January 9, 2021

I do not know what my kids will remember the Spring of 2020. But there are two things I will probably always remember. Oh, other than the mass hysteria we all experienced trying to find Toilet Paper or the time I went to three stores and couldn’t find my daughter’s allergy medicine anywhere so I cried in the car and ate reese peanut butter cups one right after the other.

No, not those….no I’ll remember two really key things that I’ll never forget because they held the keys to our survival of that crazy time. Reading and Walks. I’ll talk about walks another day, but today I want to talk about the audiobooks we inhaled those 3 months in the Spring of 2020.

It started that very first week of quarantine. My kids and I were all stir crazy so I threw them in the car, but then I also knew that they’d probably all start talking to me which is NOT WHAT I NEEDED RIGHT THEN so I had the grand idea to put on an audio book. I needed something enjoyable, tried and true…my first inclination was the Chronicles of Narnia, but we’d only just finished reading those again for the third time…so I went with another favorite. The Little House on the Prairie series.

To be honest, I also probably went for this as my pick because in March of 2020 I was feeling a little bit like a pioneer girl and I needed a little reality slap that “things could definitely be worse” and also at the same time, to quote Ma Ingalls “Alls well that ends well” so I quickly scrolled to the very first book, clicked “borrow” and we were off to the races.

Friends, in those first 3 months of quarantine our family inhaled 9 chapter books. Then we didn’t stop. By the end of 2020 we’d read aloud as a family over 30 chapter books. From Heidi (I told the kids that their father and I were reading it aloud when I went into labor with Tabitha, they were unimpressed…but did they love the story of little Heidi and her grandfather living up on a mountain in Switzerland?! YES!) to fantasy series of the Chronicles of Prydain and the Ember series to the more modern but fun Vanderbeekers series about the every day adventures of the Vanderbeeker family.

Read aloud time was my time for no one to ask me endless questions, it was a time for all of us to escape reality and use our brain for painting word pictures rather than worrying about online school or what the COVID count was like. This time helped all of us stop squabbling and instead have family inside jokes or entire conversations centered around “What will happen next?!”

*example: Ransom made me stop and go back to read the line, “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” from The Trumpet of the Swan, now any time someone in the family wants to really make an exclamation they just need to say “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” and the whole family will laugh. Or if someone says my tummy wants some “munchings and crunchings” we know they really just want a snack like Girgi from The High King.

Life has gotten a little more busy since those early days, the kids are now back in school. But we still find time to read together. We’re all officially hooked.

Let me know your favorite read aloud as a family! We are always looking for new favorites!

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    Stacie Bell

    January 10, 2021

    I love to hear that reading aloud and listening to Audio Books together saved your life during Covid! ♥️ I love when inside jokes start to form from a book that we read with our kids! One of our favorite read aloud a has been Dominic by William Steig, along with all the rest you mentioned in this post! 🙂

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    Stacie Bell

    January 10, 2021

    Oh! And I forgot to mention! I ♥️ the title of this post! 😄 It made me laugh!