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One of my favorite things: Preschool Prep

By on September 26, 2013

So, its Thursday and this week has been a bust. My bathrooms, my kitchen floor…all diiiirty. Like Miley Cyrus dirty. But I’m not cleaning them right now, because my sicky little 3 year old does not want me out of eye-sight and he’s busy watching Sight Words on the couch. Day 3 of constant videos and ipad time because this fever will just NOT GO AWAY.

Instead, I will continue to go with the theme that this blog has slowly evolved into this year ( its interesting how I can’t seem to share deep stuff in two places at once! Its currently all pouring into my book…so you get this stuff instead!) and share yet another of my favorite things with you….Incidentally, before we get started let me just say that I chatted with my mom a few weeks ago about how Mommy Blogs that review stuff have the tendency to head down this really awful road of becoming a written infomercial. Some pull this off better than others. A blog I use to really like I had to literally block from all forms of communication because it became so incredibly annoying with its “look what cool freebies I’m getting” and all her reviews even though she’d always tell you she was getting free stuff to review the product, were inevitably positive. Not ONE negative review? I doubt it.

Annnnyways, I know others who have found the happy medium of doing reviews for companies that send them free things and yet keeping a level of authenticity that I appreciate and I totally love that they have that opportunity and that I get to benefit from their thoughts on various products…However, I’m just too lazy and unmotivated to figure out how to get on this particular train. And therefore I will just continue to share the things that I love, give you links to those products and probably never really get much in return, except my favorite thing which is that all my friends get to share it the stuff I love! Just the way I like it!*

So, today, I’m going to share with you the secret to how my 3 year old knows his letters, letter sounds**, numbers to twenty, his shapes, his colors and about 15 or so sight words: Preschool Prep.
I promise it was not me being an awesome attentive, creative mom. Nope, it was me catching 5 more minutes of ZZs, feeding Tabitha or me blogging or…sometimes…me doing housework while Ransom watches twenty minutes of one of these videos.
I’ve now given these to many friends as gifts and I’ve yet to meet a kid who hasn’t learned at least their letters from these uber-repeative, mindblowingly boring videos. See, these are not your pixar movies or your veggie tales, or even your sesame street, that has built in parent enjoyment. Nope. You will NOT enjoy these videos ( minus maybe the first time)….but your child will AND the repetition will be just enough and their enjoyment will be just enough that they will learn all sorts of good stuff!  Win! Win!

** Just kidding, the phonics videos are my least favorite. Ransom did not like them for some reason, they were maybe too advanced because they tried to teach every variation all at once. So I liked Leap Frog: Letter Factory for that particular skill.