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My stomache is upset…

By on April 5, 2005

Yes, its been a few hours now, and I have had time to asses the damage…looks like my “back up” system was only backed up until the end of January which looks like two months of posts…gone….oh, except from the 17-25 of March which some friendly stranger helped me retrieve with the “cache sites from yahoo!” ( awesome!)….so technically the damage could be worse, while allll of Feb. and allll comments are gone for good…and well, all of YOU cant read my archives anymore ( not that you did anyway) I guess this is just a minor setback, right?

tears from heaven! I SO HATE CHANGE! and I really dont like my new colors but I have already spent toooo much time trying to change them.

I am so sad.
I am sooo soooo sad.

You may start to ask the question “why” …and “how” in regards to this great ‘deletion” and all I can say is that, Emma thought SHE was a dropper…turns out I can drop a whole blog with one tiny click of a button. gone…gone forever.