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Motivational thoughts on schooling

By on May 18, 2018


Well, its here! That time of year that I get emotional about how much my kids are growing and I get calls from any number of other moms ( 3 in the past week) who are all struggling about what type of schooling to pursue next year for their children….it must be May.

And I know I’ve talked about this topic here before.  But since I have been talking to a bunch of friends about this topic I thought maybe it would be worth it to remind all of us of a few really important facts about our children’s education:

  1. There is no one right way. That’s right! Isn’t that ENCOURAGING!?! If you’re stressed about whether to homeschool, private school, public school, or any place in between then just know that there are really great things going on in all those places! Don’t worry about what your friends, your grandmother or your next door neighbor thinks about your choice! Do what is right for your child and for YOU!
  2. You will always be your child’s first teacher. This is encouraging mostly because we can then insert ourselves into whichever of these particular above methods and fill in the gaps. For instance, my kids are in public school. This means we do a lot of reading of literature at home, we have intentional time with our kids every week where we work on their spiritual education,  we have to make sure our kids spend tons of time outside when they aren’t in school ( stupid short recess!) we have to be careful to meet particular needs that the public school definitely doesn’t focus on! That said, when I homeschooled, I needed to find ways that my children got the socialization that they needed as well as trying to find ways to widen their world view ( homeschool can be rather ‘limited’ in that department if we aren’t careful!). Or if your child is in an intense academically focused environment than maybe your home needs to be a place of fun and leisure. Which brings me to the next point:
  3. There is no one right way. Wait, did I already make this point?! Haha! I know I did, but this time let me just be clear that every form of education has its flaws. If you’re over there obsessing about those flaws just remember that as the parent you can do your part to fill in gaps and there is really no perfect way of schooling out there. It’s ok if the method you pick for your child is not perfect! What it needs to be is the place where you feel the most peace about the upcoming year.
  4. This decision should not rule your home.  I personally believe that your child’s education should not dictate your lifestyle.  If going to private school means that you’ll have to work 15 jobs and your child will never see you… This means you won’t be able to do #2 well. In the same way, if sending your child to public school puts them into a tailspin and they are crying every single day. Whoa. That does not seem worth it. If homeschooling your children is making you crazy and yell at your children. Also. Not worth it.

So there you go! I hope if you’re one of my sweet friends who, like me, has been kept up at night about what is best for your child and for you, I hope I’ve just cut you a really huge break! Now go sit and have an iced tea/coffee/wine…you deserve it!

And speaking of this topic…stay tuned! I’ll be sharing how this past school year went for my kids and what next year will ( probably) look like!