By on August 23, 2017

This week is important to my heart, to my journey. A lot of who I am right now is wrapped up in things that happen this week. I mean, my first born starts FIRST GRADE on Monday! This basically means I’m a seasoned parent now, right?  I can look knowingly over at the incredibly emotional mother’s of kindergarteners and wish them a time machine so they can get to the end of that first day faster. ( Because that’s the worst of it!) But seriously, the start of a school year- no matter where you fall in the mix- holds significance and it puts a spotlight on how fast time is flying by! Can’t we slow down the years a bit? I mean, by all means fast forward that first day of kindergarten, but other than that…let’s take it down a notch, shall we!?

This week is also important to me because its the 5th anniversary of Priscilla Beth’s “birthday”. She went straight into the arms of Jesus FIVE YEARS AGO on Friday. I can hardly believe it. I still miss her. The sting is gone, the shock is gone, the nightmare is gone, but I still miss her. But this year, I get to honor her life in the biggest way I can imagine. This year I am OFFICIALLY announcing the release of my book, “The Day Between: A memoir of miracles”.  You can all collectively get out your calendars and mark them for October 10, 2017, and then GET READY TO BUY THIS BOOK ON AMAZON!!!!

( those who ordered a book as part of our crowd funding will be getting their copies that week as well! EEEKKKKK!!!!)

This book, that I never ever would have written if God hadn’t specifically told me to start writing it, is sort of a miracle in its self! It tells the story of Priscilla and her sister Tabitha and how God did incredible things in our lives during my pregnancy with them. Its a story of loss. Its a story of miraculous healing. It’s a deeper look at some Biblical nuggets that the Lord revealed to my heart. And it’s a raw look at my own story of being a mom and a wife and a daughter of the King through the hardest time in my life. But friends, I WROTE A BOOK!!! That is TOTALLY a miracle!! I can hardly believe that in between nursing babies, changing diapers, washing dishes, preparing three meals a day, putting together 5,000,000,000,000 snacks for various hungry children all of which were mine, packing up a house and moving to a new house, growing and birthing a WHOLE OTHER BABY and then nursing that baby and washing even more dishes and potty training a total of two children and probably even vacuuming my floors twice and changing my sheets once in there… I ALSO WROTE A BOOK!!!

I truly believe that this book will speak to those dealing with the loss of a child, or even the friends and family of someone dealing with loss. But, I also really believe the truths that God revealed to me during this season speak to just about any Hard Season when we’re asked to wait and trust God when there seems to be no action or way that things will work out.

Just a few weeks ago I was re-reading my final draft looking for typos. And  I found myself no longer just looking for typos ( which is probably why there will still be typos in this book. Sigh.) but instead really learning from the Lord in regards to the season I was in right then! The Lord took the insights I had had about gathering manna in the wilderness and how it had applied to a season of hopelessness and He re-applied it to our current season of waiting on a job during a season of  possible unemployment! In the end, I now see that we’re all going through hard seasons where we are hoping for the miraculous to occur. This book points to the promise, that no matter what happens, the Lord is always glorified in our seasons. I really believe you’ll be encouraged! I’m so flipping excited about you reading it! I can’t wait for you to be able to pass it on to your friend who is hurting, or sticking it under the door mat of your neighbor who’s going through a hard season, or just wearing out your own copy when you need a little extra encouragement through a hard time.

When I started this writing process it was really just free therapy as I worked through grief, however, slowly but surely it started to take shape into something bigger than myself. So, as I celebrate my daughter’s life. I am thankful that it has also become something far bigger than I ever would have expected. I cannot wait to share it with you.