Labor of Love

By on October 9, 2017

*warning* this post is not for those with a sensitive stomach….


Tomorrow my book will be officially released to the world ( and you can buy it here) . It’s a big deal! Something I’ve been working towards for almost 5 years, and I had jokingly referred to it as “almost like giving birth to another baby.” But friends, I did NOT expect to have to experience ACTUAL labor pains, however last week I pretty much did…

First, if you follow me on social media you’ll know that I sent my Book Supporters the first copies of my book on Monday, and if you follow my Instagram stories you’ll learn that Monday night I had a Ya-Ya Sisterhood moment* that involved one of my children loosing his cookies ALL over my house…. but that was just the beginning, by Tuesday, I too, had gotten the stomach bug that had caused all the spewing and let me tell you…. it wasn’t an “I’m nauseous, I better lay down” type bug. It was a “let’s take a screw driver to your intestines until it hurts so bad you beg for relief” type deal.

And I had that stomach bug… for FIVE DAYS.

And during that time I started to get the sweetest messages from those reading my book. Which, side note, if you want to really make me happy then send me a play by play as you read… my friend Katie texted me how she was feeling practically every chapter and I LOVED EVERY TEXT. You guys, I’ve been sitting on this story for years, I’m so happy to finally share it with you and talk about it with you! HOORAY!

But this week, I was getting the messages as I was losing my guts in the toilet and while lying in bed sweating off an awful fever and while writhing in pain. I started to wonder if the Lord thought I was going to be prideful and needed knocking down a notch or two when I got compliments.

But this stomach bug was so bad even I couldn’t be THAT prideful and by day five, I had to start begging people to pray for me because I could only assume this was a spiritual attack. It was intense.

But almost as soon as faithful friends began praying for us along those very lines, I started to feel better. And now as I get ready for tomorrow I cannot stop praying for some of the more important messages of Hope that my book carries. I pray it finds the right hearts to land upon. And I pray that I can keep my coffee down today because my kids are home from school because APPARENTLY Columbus discovered America today!!?!?! ( I shouldn’t even be surprised that this is what my son learned in school since I learned that they are teaching him R. Kelly songs in music class hashtag public school.)


**** Watch this for reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about…there is some language so be warned.