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How to: Survive a roadtrip with small people

By on May 2, 2018

Hey friends! This past weekend we headed to the beach with some friends of ours- three families, 8 children- Ransom ( aged 7) was the oldest. So yeah, it was pretty exciting! There was a LOT of prep work and there were a LOT of snacks involved but it was totally worth it- that said, it got me thinking about this topic:

Let’s talk “How Tos”. As you all know, I’m ALL ABOUT passing on unsolicited tips that have made my own life infinitely better. And as we drove down the road this weekend I was reminded again of a few things that have made driving with children for long distances ( let’s just say anything over 20 minutes! ha!) INFINITELY better.

This first one I’m super proud of because unlike most of my other tips, I actually came up with this one all on my own! It’s also probably saved our lives a couple of times. And it’s this claw “toy”.

It is worth EVERY PENNY because my children, when driving in the car for even the shortest distances, come with a million accouterments.

Exibit A:

Now, imagine if one of those stuffed animals accidentally ( read: was thrown) fell upon the floor! Imagine the crying and the sadness. WELL NOT ANY MORE. not. any. more. Because thanks to my claw! I can happily reach from the front seat to just about anywhere in the back seat to retrieve just about anything my small people have decided to drop just out of reach.

Next, let’s talk about snacks. Because in my car snacks are the reason for 95% of the happiness on any car outing. I think at this point it’s just a Pavlovian response for my children when they get into a vehicle to feel the need for some food. That said, when you’re on a long road trip you often have to eat full meals in the car and then things can get tricky! This is where these craft caddies have become a HUGE LIFESAVER.

Each child has a caddy that I can easily place whatever meal-whether its a PBJ and some fruit or a McDonald’s Happy Meal into the various cubbies and they can happily balance the whole thing on their laps without me having to continually hand food to my hungry hungry hippos.

Currently you can find the large kind that Ransom and Tabitha use at Target and the little one for Justice at the DollarTree. Best three dollars of your life. I promise.

And once they are well fed I’ve found the very BEST entertainment for the car- and also for other quiet places like church or waiting rooms…The Boogie Board was probably my kids most loved Christmas present this past year, and it has been loved by every other kid who’s come in contact with our boards. They are THE best!

Clearly this is not my kids drawing!

So now that I’ve shared my three favorite car tips with you, I look forward to hearing your “survival” inspiration as well! We’ve got a solid 13 hour drive on one of our summer trips planned and I’m gonna need ALL the help I can get!