How it Happened

The decision to move our lives to Germany for a few years felt extra large because, in some ways, this decision seemed like one of the first BIG decisions that would affect our children’s lives forever. I mean, if I really think about it, all our decisions are doing that. How we spend our money, how we spend our time, and what we make a priority day in a day out. It’s a lasting impact. It’s enough to freak you out. Kind of like that time people with very high education just let you leave a hospital with a baby and NO ONE stopped you. Crazy.

But don’t worry, I’ve ignored all that. And instead, I freaked out about this one BIG decision and how it would impact our kids. The words Brett used to explain our plans to our children have been very centering to me as we face this new season, and as we look to the Lord for His promises. I know He will use this to draw my kids to Himself. Here are some of the notes Brett had for our little talk with the kids that I want to keep here for posterity. And for myself when I start to doubt:

God is sending our family on a Quest. Our mission is to advance Jesus’ Kingdom in Wiesbaden Germany. Like any adventure, there will be hard parts and amazing parts. Along the way, and by the end of the adventure, we will be stronger as a family and as individuals, just like the heroes we see in stories.

We each bring special strengths and abilities to our fellowship on this adventure, I now charge you with the tasks that you will provide the family:

Daddy: The Leader of the family. (He get’s up long before the rest of us, but if we did wake up when he does we would see him reading The Word or literally on His knees in prayer. He keeps us focused faithfully on our mission P.S I wrote this part, not Brett…but it’s worth adding because its true.)

Mommy: the logistician ( the Samwise to Brett’s Frodo)

Ransom: The lieutenant and trusted agent (You have so many great leadership qualities and we rely on you to carry out what we have taught you even when we aren’t with you and to be a good example to those around you.)

Tabitha: The compassionate healer and scribe. ( You are sensitive and caring and we know you’ll notice when someone is feeling down and help them to feel better. You also notice little things that are beautiful and different in God’s creation wherever we go. We hope you’ll help us appreciate our new experiences and not get caught up in the mundane.)

Justice: The entertainer and encourager. (You bring so much fun and laughter to our family, when the rest of us are feeling pressure and stress you often bring us out of it with your fun.)