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By on May 26, 2005

Well, Steph is here safe and sound! I should have known she wouldnt get lost in LA! 😉

It was of great fortune that I got yesterday off of work. After my four posts in a row ( dedicated to carmi and not emma) I got a call from Dee who said that I could just work the rest of the day and then she would work all day on Wednesday. WOOOOO! As much as i wanted to take a nap I also knew that having the day off the next day was FAR superior…look, realizing delayed gratification is apparently a sign of maturity! go me! woo!
Anywho, picking Steph up from the airport was pretty routine, I know the Houston International airport LIKE THE BACK OF MY HAND…ask me ANYTHING about terminal A. I KNOW IT ALL. *ahem* anyway….

Its really very cool/strange having Steph here.
Now, I gotta stop here and say thus far the most stressful thing about being Steph’s hostess is EVERYONE else….people asking me what I’ve with her, what we are going to do…suggesting things for us to do. Dont get me wrong, I love the suggestions, but the problem with suggestions are that if I DONT do them…i should do something BETTER right? So for instance, one such suggester asked me what Steph and I did yesterday and I said:
We made t-shirts with one of my good friends.

I could visibly tell the person was disappointed.
And of course, they had a right to be…its not very “texas-y” to go to Hobby Lobby for 2 hours and then make t-shirts for three….
BUT, before you get judgmental:
Katie and I have made t-shirts together for YEARS. it is one of our favorite things to do…t-shirt making IS texas to me.

sooo its all realitive. Besides, I dont know what Steph and I are going to do this afternoon so we’ll probably end up watching a movie because that is texas to me too! hahaha…just kidding..or AM I?