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Happy Being a Human Day!

By on May 14, 2018

Yesterday was Mother’s Day- a day rife with emotions for so many of us- I read the acknowledgments of my own book  ( yup. Egotistical party of One!) as just a little reminder of those hurting on that day, of all days.

So, to recover from the heaviness of it all- Let me just do a little post of things I’d love to give you all as gifts to make your day happier.

This album needs to be on repeat in your house. It is in mine. I keep going back to it over and over again.  And now there is an instrumental version that I’m dying to slip into my afternoon witching hour playlist!


I’m loving how rainbows are really making a major come back lately and I think we all need this little baby wooden one in our house somewhere…I mean, yeah, I think its technically a toy…but who says we can’t still have toys for ourselves?

Anyone who knows me can only imagine how I love a good journal, and for me the simpler the better…however, if you’d like a little jump start in your quiet time then I totally recommend this journal! Writing out the Word is really wonderful!


And last but not least….I REALLY think this mug deserves a home at my house….and maybe yours too?!

So, hopefully we can now all go about our days feeling a little less serious and stressed! xoxo