Going Green: Favorite things edition

Before school started this year ( the mom’s unofficial “new years” when we make all the really important resolutions). I took a look at how we were doing in the “Green” department. After a summer of a trillion million snacks ( do anyone else’s children live on snacks?!) I was seriously disturbed by how much trash we were making!

So, I did a few things to help reduce our waste and I’ve been waiting a few months to let you know how it’s going!

First and foremost I needed to find a way to still have my giant snack bowl in my pantry without having a million baggies going into the trash. Sooooo…I invested in three packages of these “Toss and Take” bowls by First Years.

I mean, obviously I hate the name! haha! But thankfully after almost 3 months of daily use, I’m happy to report these puppies hold up really well and do not, in fact, need to be “tossed”! Dishwasher safe and thankfully if I ever do feel like they’ve worn out and don’t hold their seal anymore, then they are recyclable!

I usually fill up about 12 of them with goldfish or pretzels all in one go and then toss them in the snack bowl until I run out. I also use them in Ransom and Tabitha’s lunches. And they are the perfect size for chips and fruit.

I also got some of these small bowls for “treat” type snacks and raisins that are only 3 oz and have a screw on lid- they’re pretty easy to find. I think I just got the Walmart brand ( vs the Ziploc brand) and they’re holding up great too!

Some other things that I noticed were getting tossed in the garbage bin a lot were straws. Oooooh yessss. Friends, I have jumped on the Millennial train and gotten metal straws! Now, I at first tried to use just straight metal, but “ew”. No one can handle that metal between the teeth feeling! So, easy-peasy I was back on Amazon purchasing little soft plastic tips on put on the ends of my straws. I know you can actually purchase them *with* those little plastic tips already on the straw, but I did it the hard way!

I will also say that I really loved that my straw set came with an assortment of lengths and bent vs straight so that we literally have ALL OUR STRAW NEEDS MET, and came with a little brush to clean them so we wouldn’t be afraid of smoothies or thicker beverages.  We are not afraid! We can save the earth and drink chocolate milkshakes! I, of course, found the cheapest as well…so you’re welcome.

Now, be warned that people will maybe make fun of you when you pull a straw out of your purse. Or they will rave about your straws and want to know where you got them. Go ahead and be friends with both types of people, we all need balance in our lives.

Ok, so the last thing that I purchased to cut down waste in our kitchen were these little apple sauce ( that’s all we use them for) squeeze pouches.  Recently Tabitha’s allergies to apple skins has gotten worse, but her love for apples has not decreased in the slightest. The result is an increase in applesauce consumption around this household.  Now, my older kids have the ability to eat applesauce without getting covered in it, but Justice? Not so much. Enter me purchasing those expensive squeeze pouches for 3 weeks….But, no MORE.

For one thing, I’m pretty sure I’ve already paid off the purchase of these re-usable pouches just by being able to buy the bulk bottle of apple sauce vs. the rip-off pouch version. We’re livin’ the dream over here! ALSO, these particular pouches are dish-washer safe ( *praise hands*) and come with a little round insert that opens the pouch up wide so you can pour whatever you want inside without making a giant mess. THANK YOU MOTHERS OF INVENTION.

So, obviously we still use our metal water bottles on a daily basis but I’m still holding out for the perfect kid water bottle. We currently use the Thermos brand for our kiddos, but I don’t love love them because they aren’t the easiest to clean. So I’d love your thoughts and suggestions. Non-spill, easy to clean water bottles: GO!!  I’m also curious about ways that you’ve cut waste in your family?! Let me know, friends! ~



2 thoughts on “Going Green: Favorite things edition

  1. LOVE your snack bowl idea!!! I’m copying that TODAY! Way to go prepper Mom! Also love the to go pouches! Buying those TODAY! Have I told you lately that I love you? 🙂 PS – I love that I can view your instagram photos from this website! The October Wilson kid pics are adorable! 🙂

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