By on June 29, 2013

So, on Friday evenings Brett leads an outreach bible study. And Friday’s are always bad. Coincidence? I think not!! And I don’t think I fully realized that until this evening when I caught myself thinking, “Man, it would be cool if Brett just forgot that he had bible study tonight so that I could get a break from these children.”

You know, these children that I love. The one who has discovered that awful word, “Why?” which he says any time anyone asks him to do anything. Or that other one, the one who seems to have some sort of stomach issue going on. Who literally was happy only when being held a certain way and who didn’t want to sleep at all….

Anyway, it is not accident that I’m not such a great of a person on Fridays. Kind of like when I was younger and I was always particularly terrible on Sunday mornings, the mornings that my Papa spent preparing his lessons for Church, and then one day my Mom or someone mentioned that maybe I was being used as an attack on those precious morning preparation times, and I was all like, “NU-UH am I gonna let the devil us ME!” So I tried to be good on Sunday mornings. ( tried being the operative word).

Anyway, so back to Fridays. So, when I caught myself thinking such an awfully selfish thought, I made a turn for the better and while my son continued to ask me “Why?” up until I turned the light off at 8pm. And while I did have to hold my crying baby girl several more times during the evening, I decided to end my night writing.

And not just any writing….I was going to write in the Priscilla Tabitha Story. And we’re up to the part where we lost Priscilla which, as you can imagine, I basically have stalled on for quite some time.
But, I did it, I sat down and I wrote it.

I listened to Natalie Grant’s song Held on repeat and I wrote it. And the cool thing was, that in the end I think the Lord gave me insight into some new cool thoughts. Which is why I love writing. Sometimes as I write a new thought just pours out of me as though I’d thought it before and like it was what I was going to write all along, when, in reality, it just came to me in that moment of fingers to keys. Those are some of the best moments and it is why writing is my therapy.

So I am grateful to a happy end to this day.