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Dominating Summer like its NBD

By on July 20, 2018

How are you, friends? Is it super hot where you are too?  This week is a solid 100 degrees every day and we are FEELING IT.

That said, I felt like it was time to check in and see how we are doing with our summer. As you may remember, I’m always a bit nervous going into summer. The expectations, the lack of our normal routine…its rough! But we’ve had a few real life savers that have helped make this summer great thus far and I’m ready to give credit where credit is most certainly due!

FREE sno cones at the end of VBS?! They spoiled us!


Vacation Bible School. Boy, do I love Vacation Bible School, especially right off the bat because my kids are still on a pretty early schedule and we get a fun week full of activity without any planning, to give me some breather room as I prepare for the empty days ahead. This year I had just joined the YMCA* ( more on this later*) so I’d drop off my older two kids each morning and then head to the Y, which was a blessing since Justice was not about to be left behind without a fight or something equally exciting to look forward to, thankfully he’s pretty convinced that the YMCA childcare is his personal school…Grace Community Church, where we already have some great friends, really knows how to throw a huge blast of a VBS! Bonus points for my kids coming away with a few more memory verses under their belts.

Yup, the YMCA* has turned out to be a REAL WINNER for our summer! Joining came at the perfect time because this year was the first year that the YMCA changed their policy and if you are a member at one YMCA you can go to any YMCA. This was huge for me because I’d considered joining in the past and always got hung up on which one to join ( The one 5 minutes from our house? The one with the splash pad and climbing wall? The one with the giant outdoor pool and slides?…) but now I didn’t have to choose! Since joining we’ve been frequent visitors of ALL THREE of the Ys that are near to us ( the splash pad and pool Ys are about 15 minutes from our house) and it’s been great for all of us! Can I just say *praise hands* to two hours of childcare! Being able to drop off my kiddos and go get a little sweating action on a treadmill while I listen to a podcast can really turn a day where I’m having a hard time using my inside voice…into a day where I’m coming up with over-achiever-mom activities! HOORAY! My kids have looooved the pool and splashpad and Ransom has recently gotten super into American Ninja Warrior and therefore felt inspired to conquer the climbing wall at one of the YMCAs. I was so proud of Ransom ( and Tabitha too! She has given it a try every time Ransom has!) when he didn’t make it all the way to the top the first time he asked to try again until he made it to the top and got to ring the bell! He really has made some big leaps in overcoming his “if you don’t get it the first time then quit” mentality.

Speaking of which, the YMCA also has a cool wristband system where you must complete a swim test to see what color wristband you get. Red obviously means you cant swim and your parent gets a red band too. The Yellow band means you can swim 3/4s of the way down a 25 meter pool and are considered a “swimmer” and can go down the slides but in order to get the green wristband then you have to swim an entire length of the pool without stopping. Both Ransom and Tabitha practiced for days to be able to go up from a Red to a Yellow for Tabitha and a Yellow to a Green for Ransom. I was being pretty easy on both of them, telling them to rest and not to worry, but they would NOT give up! I was so proud of their success!! And boy are they having fun going down the big slides together!

The past two weeks we’ve been doing our beloved local swimming lessons at the pool down the street. This is always one of my favorite summer events and even though we had to wait until halfway through the summer to do them, it has still been a ton of fun! This year it has been so great having the hour of “free swim” at the end of the lessons because we don’t need to rush home due to Justice’s nap. He can happily last until 1pm and then take a reeeeally good nap thanks to all the socializing in the sun (Boy, is this kid my most social of the bunch!).


And thanks to my taskmaster of a son ( Ransom, obviously) we’ve done a pretty good job keeping up with our Summer Goals List. In fact, I think other than an ice-cream run and a few parks we haven’t made it to yet, all the ones left I specifically made to fit our big summer road trip in August! Hooray…speak of which, stay tuned for my “Summer Roadtrip” post coming up ASAP. I’m getting excited about getting out of dodge in a few weeks and I might as well make a good list to help keep me entertained until then!


Last but not least, I know I’ve been absent over here on my website but I haven’t been totally devoid of creativity. If you’d like to read the blog post I wrote for Into The Harvest, you can find it here. And since I mention our podcast in that article, you can check out our last two podcasts Go and Make Disciples Part 1  and Go and Make Disciples Part 2 and speaking of things that make me cringe…wanna know what’s worse than listening to yourself?: Watching yourself….but I also made my debut on one of our 1 minute video series, and you can watch that here


Also* Regarding the YMCA- if you live in San Antonio you can list my name ( as a current member) and you’ll get a 20% discount every month! Pretty cool! Thankfully a friend of me let me use her name! Yay for discounts!

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  1. Carley Morse

    July 20, 2018

    Ok, first of all, your YMCAs are amazing! I’m trying not to be jealous. I’ll just remind myself that I prefer to keep our temps under 80, most of the time.

    Second, how did Ransom pull out of his “give up if it’s hard in the beginning” stage? Just age and maturity? Or do you have some amazing mom-tricks?

    Third, we’re about to do a big summer road trip in a few weeks. Get that post posted! I need all the tips. 😂

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