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By on March 29, 2016

“So, is having 3 kids as hard as you thought it would be?”

Note the less than stellar-ness of this Easter Picture!

A friend asked me this the other day, and I could honestly say it wasn’t nearly as horrible as so many had made it out to be….probably because everyone had made it out to be terrible. I can honestly say I cannot remember one person telling me 3 kids would be a great thing. This is crazy to me, because its like with your first kid no one talks about how hard that is going to be! They just tell you how wonderful being a parent is ( very true!) or with the second -which is also super hard- but everyone focusing on how now you won’t have an “only child” and how now your kid will have ” a playmate!” no one focuses too much time on how much those “playmates” are going to bicker! HAHA! Probably because it isn’t as overpoweringly awesome as having two kids….and honestly I feel we should stick with the pattern!!! Why can’t all the positives outweigh the negatives with three kids too!?!?!

The kids playing together happily for one millisecond

So I’m here to tell you that it really isn’t that bad! And Justice is WORTH IT! He is by far my favorite kid at this point. He can’t talk back, he stays exactly where I put him for as long as I leave him there AND he always eats all his dinner. hehehe. ?

“Angel Baby”

Anyway all jokes aside, there are a COUPLE of MINOR things that have changed in our house since having a third kid. And I’ll quickly breeze past them now: less sleep ( obvi), practically zero time to get ANYTHING accomplished outside our home that isn’t ruining SOMEONE’S nap time ( this won’t last forever) and the inability to go grocery shopping ( this really is a quandary)….there just aren’t enough spots for everyone plus all the food we eat and usually I have one or more kids throwing some form of a fit. *sigh* I’m really still trying to figure this out-but until I do going grocery shopping has become a valid “date night option” and that is NOT. COOL.

But the MAJOR thing I’ve noticed since having a third child?! My daydreams have changed:

I have this one day dream and its getting more and more detailed. So much so that I actually think I might pull it off one day ( read: after Justice is weened)

It goes like this:
I’m at a hotel. Its a very very quiet hotel room with clean sheets ( that I didn’t wash) and a made bed ( that I didn’t make) and I’m sitting at a quiet desk, sun streaming in the window ( totally optional but this is my daydream after all…) and I’m working on my manuscript…hours pass by…NO ONE interrupts me. NO ONE. I do not feel guilty for being there for any reason. I am just there. Getting STUFF DONE. Then, after I’ve worked for an unlimited, amazing amount of time. I get hungry and I go have a quick lunch where I have stimulating conversation ( WITHOUT INTERRUPTION to take someone to the potty, or cut someone’s meat or to ask someone to eat their carrots for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY)  with an old friend about my book and whatever they’re working on- but the lunch somehow ( its a daydream) has a time limit so I’m not tempted to make it longer-because, you know me, I do love a long chat with a friend….and the conversation leaves me with some great ideas as I head back to my quiet quiet room were I work for another amazingly long time without anyone having a loud fight in the other room that I need to break up or the laundry buzzer going off. THEN it will be dinner time and I’ll join a large group of my friends and we’ll laugh and talk and play games if we want, or go workout together or do whatever until very late at night ( because I do love nights!) and then I’ll SLEEP IN and do it ALL again the next day…..and I’ll only check my phone when I wake up and when I go to bed to see pictures of my children who I’ll miss terribly terribly.

End scene.

For me, I realized that Brett really couldn’t be in my daydream because if he was I would get ZERO work done! I think that’s part of my problem…even when my kids aren’t around I have trouble focusing because then I want to spend all that great quality time with Brett!! If he were there I would be tempted to do everything with him and that would defeat the purpose of me getting ALL THE THINGS done. So I have a whole different daydream scenario for Brett…. Spoiler alert: We’d probably Neflix and Chill for ever and ever.

So what about you? Have your “vacation” daydreams changed over the years? If you could have a spouseless/kidless weekend what would YOU do!?! Want to join me on MY working-weekend one day ( seriously! I need to fill those “stimulating conversation” slots!) ?