Daily Bread

The last month has been touch and go: Each day bringing its own little set of surprises. And not all of them cool, flower-delivery type surprises either. Some of them have been more in the “I’m going to need to return this to Amazon immediately” type surprises.

However, one thing has really really helped me this month in a significant way. Honestly, it always helps. But it’s when life gets intense that we fall back on our already made habits. So let me first say, if you don’t have some good habits in place already- it’s time to make them right now. Assume this is me talking directly to you, giving you a handwritten invitation to start making the following habit:

Read your Bible every single day. And not just a fortune cookie version of your Bible where you read the verse of the day or something. But read it, in context, in a meal-sized chunk. Now, I’m the first to admit that as a mom, as a person about to move, sometimes life does not just give us tons of time. But you would be surprised what the Lord can do in 30 minutes. In 10 minutes.

Many of you know I like to read the whole Bible, and when I’m finished with the whole thing I pick a new Bible, preferably in a different version and I start reading it all over again. The last two times I read through the Bible I did it by reading a portion of the old testament and a portion of the new testament. Every time I’d reach the end of the book I’d haphazardly pick a new book. It meant I ended reading the Bible with Leviticus and Revelation because girlfriend likes to procrastinate on the roughest books. haha!

And if that sounds like not a cool way to read the Bible remember that there is actually NO uncool way to read the Bible. However, it’s important to have a plan. So right now, I am doing a two-year chronological plan that moves you around the Bible “as it happened” which might be really great for someone new to Bible reading. It also takes you back and forth between the old and new Testaments-which is important because we basically need the Gospels EVERY day… and even gives you “days off” on the weekends ( although I don’t really do that.) So, if you need a reading plan. Go get this one today and get started!

I say all this because, the world just seems to be getting crazier. Not just for me in my current season ( I mean, I knew that was gonna be a bit crazy!) but it feels like every day the rest of the world just goes a little bit more bonkers. It’s affecting you. It’s affecting me. And the very best protection against the crazy is to be in the Truth every day. Because the Truth does not change. It’s the same and its trustworthy like nothing else.

I am so thankful that when it feels like the world is rocking, that I have the firmest foundation to turn to…I’ll probably be sharing what things the Lord has shared with me this month to help me in my own hard moments, but I thought it would be important to give context here too. Because it’s not like I’m special. The Lord speaks to all those who have given their lives to Him! I am so thankful for His goodness each day.