Crushing it.

I’m not always one of those people who needs “one word” that defines the year. But last year the Lord clearly gave me a “word” for 2022. The word was Impossible (For nothing is impossible for the Lord..) and He reminded me of that promise and proved it to be true time and time again last year.

So when 2023 rolled around, I asked the Lord if He had anything to say to me about Himself that I needed to learn and meditate on this year. Loud and clear, I heard “God is Good.”

As someone who likes words, the word “good” is a tad over used-almost to the point of meaningless, or at the very least, its meaning has been reduced by overuse. So a whole year thinking about what that really means is probably a very good idea. But as I sat there in early January, I wanted to write down some defining verses to get me started. The verse in Mark 10:18, “No one is Good, but one, that is God.” came up and I wanted to put it in context and so I flipped over to it in my Bible.

But I accidentally looked up Luke 10:18, so instead of reading the verse I was expecting, I kind of got a kick in the gut when the words I read were, ” I watched Satan fall from heaven like lightning.”

I sort of giggled to myself and thought, whoa. That’s intense! But I’m not one to easily read into something, so I took note and continued my study of “God is Good.”

However, when about 10 minutes later I completed my mini word study and moved on to my normal daily Bible reading and just so happened to be finishing Romans, chapter 16:20, I stopped and took note:

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”

When something comes up twice in a ten-minute period, I like to pay attention.

Life is hard today. I feel discouraged/anxious/maybe even a little fearful. It hasn’t been the most victorious of weeks or months, to be honest. But today, I couldn’t help but return to this promise. Because that’s what it is. In fact, when Paul said it to the Romans he said it in very very present tense. ( very very present tense is a technical term) the word SOON in that verse is not to be overlooked. I don’t want to overlook it either.

Long awaited salvation, long-awaited healing, long-standing grief, every present sadness, sin that just won’t quit…. It’s not like I don’t have faith that the Lord will answer these cries for help, but I tend to think it’s somewhere far off.

But if I ponder the people of the Bible and how they woke up the morning of their miracles not knowing that today was the day, it probably didn’t feel like a different kind of day, that today the Lord would visit, He would heal, he would move mountains, send victory, show the way, open the doors…Satan crushed.


I want to pray today like the crushing of Satan is impending.

Pray some crushing prayers.

And one day, soon, He will come and we will see Satan fall like lightning.

2 thoughts on “Crushing it.

  1. Good morning, Abigail,

    Let me just say I loved this and I love you! I love ( I realize I have used the word “love” 3 times already….Don’t judge me😳) I’ll start that sentence again). Following God’s lead is often like a roller coaster ride, isn’t it? In the best possible way! You start out obeying the Spirit’s prompting, thinking you know how things might go, and then you read a rogue verse and The ride begins! As God reminds me I’ll pray that He reveals His goodness to you this year in ways you never imagined. And it will be SO GOOD!!😁

  2. Remember how long Jospeh suffered and waited in Egypt. One morning he woke up in prison as he had for years not expecting the day to be any different. But that morning someone had a dream, someone remembered Jospeh, and long-awaited prayers were answered. He woke up in the same situation which held him captive for years and by the end of the day he was second in command to only Pharaoh and God’s plan for the deliverance of a nation was revealed. What you meant for evil, God used for good. And Satan and human sin come crashing down.

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