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Change in Season

By on April 21, 2022

As I was driving home from dropping the kids off at school, I asked the Lord what I should do today. This little ol’ space came back to mind. A space where no one even goes anymore-because, why would they? We’ve all moved on. But in some ways that’s for the best. If no one reads it, it’ll feel small again. Something that life doesn’t feel like much anymore. I got off social media a few weeks ago, not necessarily “for good”- I still check it once a day to make sure I didn’t miss a picture of a niece or a direct message from a long-lost friend. ( or more like a regular friend sending me a funny meme). But, the surprising thing was that I haven’t missed the daily scroll, not even a little.

It turns out that some things that were taking up tons of time weren’t of any lasting value! Ok, that’s harsh, but let’s just say the bad outweighed the good. It was a joy to let it go in the end. Yet one thing I will miss is an outlet for my little thoughts and creativity throughout the day or week.

I’ve missed my little “free therapy” space here and I’d really like to return. I’m wondering if I gave myself 30 minutes a day, what would happen? 30 minutes to sit still and listen and write . I think I’ll benefit.

I will try to stop and listen and write more often-even if its something silly like- Have you watched The Home Edit on Netflix?! oh my sweet rainbows! It’s like they asked, “What are Abigail’s two favorite things?” Rainbows and organizing. And then they turned it into a show!!

Also, per usual we made hotcross buns for Easter but this year, thanks to a house full of extra people, I made a new recipe that was gluten-free! And maaaaybe I liked it more than the original!?! gasp!

Of course, I *had* to go decide to write again right after cutting half my finger off- I’ll totally show you a picture of me in the urgent care getting it looked at…only me would do something so stupid! But nine fingers aside. Let’s do this!