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  • bloody tired.

    By on December 8, 2006

    I know…profanity….but its true…I got blood taken this morning for my pre-op labs…and I should have eaten something afterwards which I blame on Thida for not thinking of and not making me do. BAD WIFE 😉 Five girls heading off to Fort Worth this afternoon. I made us a…

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  • fingers point to me.

    By on November 17, 2006

    So, I worked for hours and hours on end…with my boss standing over me pretty much the whole time. My lunch break was nice ( a thanksgiving dinner at the Newspaper) but I had to be friendly and make small talk nonetheless.I got a sore throat half way through…

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  • events of the day…

    By on November 16, 2006

    the power went off at work due to the insane wind…it was barely 11:45. I visited the parents of the man that just got the Distinguished Alumnus award-took by his award since he couldnt make it to the ceremony. They were totally cute. Talked to them for two hours…soap…

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  • Remiss…

    By on November 14, 2006

    First off, I some how MISSED David and Brendan’s birthday on Sunday…I hate missing people’s birthdays :-(So, sorry, boys….I have a special place in my heart for both of you, your generous hearts and desire for Truth have continually opened my eyes to different ways of seeing this life,…

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  • Eh..

    By on November 13, 2006

    I gotta say, I just got Blogger Beta ( because I can’t say no)…and its official, I dont particularly like change. Oh well, I think the tags at the bottom will be cool…other than that, my thoughts are “eh”Soooo, hey, its Monday! And this is my laaaaast week of…

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  • I’m cold…

    By on May 12, 2005

    Now, this I think will be a bit odd for my NZ readers, where they live in a country where central air and heat is not as common…or as powerful 😉 HOWEVER, I KNOW at least Jordan will understand my moaning when i say….WHY do they have to make…

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  • TGIF

    By on April 29, 2005

    This week has been soooo sloooowwwww. I have the weekend off. Amy’s in town. WOO.

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