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  • Preach.

    By on April 28, 2016

    I think its pretty clear from my last post that things haven’t been peachy around here lately. Life is kicking my little ( not so little) booty in a big way.

    It doesn’t help that Justice-who was the easiest baby ever is going through…something. And I feel like I’ve tried every option and…

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  • A little flash back

    By on April 11, 2016

    This week I had the honor and privilege to do a guest post over on my sweet friend Courtney’s blog .

    She’s doing a pretty cool series on the “Resilient Military Spouse” and she actually thought of me! ( Whaaaaa?!?! I know! hahaha!) But seriously, it was cool to think back over…

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  • Mercy in all its forms ( Olivet-Post 3)

    By on March 20, 2016

    If you’ve had kids than you’ll hopefully know what I’m talking about when I mention that overwhelming fear and panic mixed with excitement and awe that you feel when you first leave the hospital with you’re very first baby.

    “Did they make a mistake?! Should they really be sending us home with…

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  • Olivet, post 2

    By on March 19, 2016

    First off, we’ve got GREAT news!
    Yesterday’s ultrasound showed some very suspicious white matter in Olivet’s brain- this led the doctors to suspect a virus had eaten away some brain tissue-awful news. An MRI  was done this morning and thanks to the miracle of this blog post you don’t have…

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  • Through much prayer…

    By on March 19, 2016

     Isn’t it always nice how when things are stressful and rough and we’re needing to spend a lot of time in prayer, the Lord will often give us good encouragement through His word?! The last two days have really had some good juicy nougats to help me in praying…

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  • Olivet, post 1

    By on March 17, 2016



    “I’m the sister.” I said to the Doctor when he asked me my relationship. I immediately felt foolish. But he understood my meaning and said, “Oh! The auntie! How nice you’re here!”

    Thinking back on it now I think the reason my mind was on being a “sister” and not…

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  • Prayersolutions part 2

    By on January 6, 2016

    So, a few years ago I told you about my prayer cards that I make each year that, in a lot of ways, take the place of “resolutions”. Mostly because the things that I pray for regarding myself and our family are usually kind of “resolution-y” and yet really I have…

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