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  • Daily Bread

    By on July 8, 2022

    The last month has been touch and go: Each day bringing its own little set of surprises. And not all of them cool, flower-delivery type surprises either. Some of them have been more in the “I’m going to need to return this to Amazon immediately” type surprises.

    However, one…

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  • Going Green: Favorite things edition

    By on October 16, 2018

    Before school started this year ( the mom’s unofficial “new years” when we make all the really important resolutions). I took a look at how we were doing in the “Green” department. After a summer of a trillion million snacks ( do anyone else’s children live on snacks?!) I was…

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  • How to: Survive a roadtrip with small people

    By on May 2, 2018

    Hey friends! This past weekend we headed to the beach with some friends of ours- three families, 8 children- Ransom ( aged 7) was the oldest. So yeah, it was pretty exciting! There was a LOT of prep work and there were a LOT of snacks involved but it…

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  • How to: Get great gifts for the hospitalized

    By on September 26, 2017

    As we get closer and closer to the release date of The Day Between: A memoir of miracles, I thought it would be fun to share some things that didn’t quite make the book but that I really think you’d like to read. This particular post today is probably one of…

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  • Life hacking

    By on July 25, 2016

    Who else can believe that July is almost over?!?! Who else is ready for fall to just come already?!? Is it just me, here suffering in the South?!  I know my daughter, for one, is ready….she heard my friend talking about Pumpkin Patches the other day and has asked…

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  • Listening pleasure (How to live through dinner time)

    By on June 30, 2016

    Hello from the end of June! How did that happen!?! How did I get through the whole first month of summer without doing even half the things on my “summer to-do list”?! Is this just me?!!

    Of course, to be fair, my to-do list looked like “clean out all five of your…

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  • How to: A trip to the beach with little people

    By on May 26, 2016

    And for comparison…..Look how little they were exactly one year ago on moving day!

    A few days ago we celebrated ONE YEAR of being in our house!! WHAAAAAT!?!?! Thanks Timehop for letting me know! Honestly, things were SO crazy a year ago with renovations and packing and being pregnant that…

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