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  • Holiday

    By on July 13, 2012

    We’re going on holiday over the next few weeks and I’m excited. Though the excitement has been outweighed considerably by all the things I need to do before we leave and just how little I want to do any of them…Baby 1 and Baby 2 seem to have not…

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  • Never dull…

    By on March 9, 2012

    Life around here is never dull. Even when Brett is gone. I always think he’s going to pack up “interesting” and take it with him. But “interesting” always gets left behind with me…

    My friend Melissa texted me two nights ago that she had a bat in her house.

    You should…

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  • I should really post…

    By on February 7, 2012

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  • Swears.

    By on January 27, 2012

    So, friends life has been jam packed with cool stories lately. But, since our house is currently occupied by four adults, a toddler and a baby there has been pretty much zero time for blogging.
    But, as SOON as a get a second ( hopefully this weekend) I’ll tell the…

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