Book update: A little TLC, a little QT

By on February 19, 2016

Hey friends, does anyone remember that somewhere in the last three years I said I was writing a book?!? Anyone?! Anyone??

Well, in those last three years I’ve done a lot of things- including but not limited to having a whole extra child…and yes, I did write a fair amount too, but as I evaluated  my 2015 when it came to writing I had fallen waaaay behind. I was stuck. I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I think under different circumstances I would have taken a long weekend, gotten rid of distractions- maybe even checked into a hotel- and gotten myself back on track with my manuscript. But instead I changed another diaper, managed another 3 year old threenager moment and read aloud to a 5 year old.
And then, seemingly out of no where my solution arrived through a little thing called Story Spool: Editing Services.
I contacted Melissa immediately and I knew within seconds that I would be able to trust her with my “baby” (full disclosure- Melissa is also one of my forever friends, as well. Which makes it handy.).
I filled out a questionnaire, wrote a few emails back and forth and then sent her a copy of my book thus far… And then I waited….In actuality it was not a long wait- Melissa is AMAZING! She’s got two kids and an Army hubs and yet she was super timely! – yet I felt like someone who’s called someone for a date is now waiting to hear back.
In the end, what I received in return was pure gold:
In just two short days Melissa had taken my work, and projected it back to me in a workable format. Without changing word of the manuscript-  I was able to see it for what it was, and better yet for what it COULD BE. What a gift!
Oh, and she also gave me a schedule for writing as I move forward.  Which we all know is, like, my love language. The only way it would have been better is if she’d included a sticker reward chart. ( I’ll be sure to mention this to her in my review).
So, as I head into March I am suuuuper excited that my book and I finally have a plan to spend more time together and I truly believe I’ll be able to give you all more exciting updates in the near future!
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