Best Dressed ( the book!)

By on June 1, 2018


You guys, this is serious, I have something really important to share with you today! As we all know, I’m a huge, huge fan of children’s books…but not just any children’s books. Yup. I’m also maybe the most opinionated person in the world when it comes to children’s books. Which is why its kind of crazy that my friend Soo Sian even had the guts to send me her rough draft for a children’s book a few years ago.

Soo Sian and I were in a church small group together my last year of university ( we had being international students in common- she came to New Zealand from Malaysia and I came from the States).  It was a special group of girls that year and maybe one of my favorite memories from that season in New Zealand.  So I was delighted to get her email asking for my thoughts on her children’s book! This was well before my own book had been given the “editing” treatment so I shudder to think how harsh my notes may have been to her! All I know is that I had yet to be brought to tears by “well meaning” opinions myself…sigh…

Anyway, time past and years later, as I finished up my own book, she too returned to her book project in earnest. She was able to use my incredible editor and book designer, Pencil Edits and in the last 6 months or so it has been SO COOL to see her book come to life! I am seriously SO EXCITED about it!  Unfortunately, it’s incredibly pricey to bring a picture book to life these days, and unless you’re a celebrity or something ( I’m looking at you Madonna, Katie Couric etc. etc. etc. *insert hard eye-roll*) it’s hard to break into the market.

But, Soo Sian, believes so much in her animals of the lovely “Charmington Majestica” and their ability to teach kids about diversity and being kind and accepting differences, that she’s literally willing to make ZERO profit on this project! However, because Soo Sian is back in her home country of Malaysia, the options are limited and the cost is high, so she needs our help! She’s currently doing her very first crowdfunding so that her first book “Best Dressed”: The story of a Zebra named Stripes who struggles with his identity when he just wants to look like all the other horses in his herd. Spoiler Alert: This is just the BEGINNING of the cute stories from Soo Sian…Charmington Majestica is full of stories ( she’s shared a little bit of what’s to come with me…eeek!!) and I really want this one to be a success so we can get these other stories in the future!


This is an all or nothing type of crowdfunding so without our support, she will not be able to proceed with this amazing book project! PLEASE consider supporting this great book! Thankfully if you’re one of my American readers than the exchange rate is excellent! Our dollars will go far for Stripes and Soo Sian!