Wandering Around

By on August 10, 2022

I mean, I’ve got to laugh, right? Otherwise, I’d probably cry. Truth be told I don’t think we’re very good at this whole overseas move thing. We’ve been here…

How To Ministry

Daily Bread

By on July 8, 2022

The last month has been touch and go: Each day bringing its own little set of surprises. And not all of them cool, flower-delivery type surprises either. Some of…


How it Happened

By on June 28, 2022

The decision to move our lives to Germany for a few years felt extra large because, in some ways, this decision seemed like one of the first BIG decisions…

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So….that’s happening.

By on May 18, 2022

Last year Brett got offered a job in Germany. And I was annoyed. Like, dude. You just go and apply for a job in Germany and you don’t even…

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Never feel guilty about a nap

By on May 9, 2022

In just a little over 3 weeks my kids will be finished with another school year. The first one where all 3 of my kids were in school. I’m…