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An Ode to Sleep: My lack of it.

By on May 24, 2005

I really do love sleep, in fact, I have always marveled at those of you out there that are able to truly enteract in the world without 7+ hours of it. Now, dont get me wrong, there are times when sleep fails me and I get less than that…but what I am saying is I am a useless shell when those times occur. For instance, yesterday, I was sooo tired all day long and I really WANTED to take a nap-I even tried at one point-but the problem was I had stayed awake to long-its as though there is an exparation date on sleeping or something….
Actually, I think it was because I had created some sort of hyperactive chemical thing ( technical doctor terms here) when I had rushed around to work and at work…and then trying to clean my room…well, after all that…it was as though my eyes were glued open.
This morning I whimpered when my alarm went off…because I know that tonight I have to be at the Houston airport at 12:30 at night…I know that I will then have several hours before I am in bed…I then know that I will have to be at work at 11am the next day ( at least its not 7:30, right?)
buuut, its all worth it, Steph will be here!