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According to plan

By on January 31, 2017


Lately I’ve been watching events unfold before me with almost complete unbelief that they are actually happening. On Tuesday I got my notes back from my editor in regards to The Day Between: A memoir of miracles and it was such great news! Other than a suggestion on adding a small story into the mix that I had failed to give but only a brief mention- there was nothing else for me to do! WHAAAAT?! THIS BOOK IS HAPPENING, PEOPLE!

And on that vein I’ve been dying to tell you a cool story: When I first started to lean towards self-publishing, I had several wonderful people recommend that I attend writing conferences. Strangely enough my first reaction was a strong “No.” This is strange because we all know that I love a good conference and wouldn’t I just love to mingle with some fellow writers and glean from those already published?! But maybe its the season of life I’m in ( read: survival of the mommy fittest) or maybe it was just because I just knew those weren’t for me, but whatever the case I was resigned that I’d just have to rely on God to do all that particular work for my book. That somehow he’d have to point me to the right people and the right things. Sure enough that’s exactly what he did.

No sooner had I made the decision to self publish, start crowd funding and then just trust God with the rest, I got a message in my inbox. It was from one of Brett’s old college buddies.

That’s right! She wasn’t even technically MY friend! But, since we’d had babies on the exact same day and since I basically liked every single one of her pictures on social media for years ( because her daughters are just that cute, ok!? I couldn’t help it!) I felt like she was my friend and here she was messaging me saying, “I saw this and thought of you!” And there was a link and at 10pm at night I clicked on it and immediately knew I had to do it.

The deal was that Beth Moore had decided that her own personal application from her latest study on Second Timothy was to have a one day conference for women in their 20s and 30s, who felt called to teaching or writing or speaking. It was going to be in Houston ( right down the road!) it was just going to cost $25 plus your hotel stay and the tickets went on sale the day after Thanksgiving…

I had to go. I was sure of it.

And so on the day after Thanksgiving my phone reminded me tickets went on sale at exactly 9am. At the time I was saying goodbye to my parents after their Thanksgiving visit so I didn’t get to my computer until 9:06. And at 9:06 tickets were totally sold out. And not only that. I was 96th on the waiting list! WHAT?!


How could this happen?! I had been SO SURE! So in bewilderment I waited to see what would happen next. And sure enough, as what could only be called a miracle, late late that night I got in! I still don’t know how 96 people fell through, but somehow I got my ticket and I was elated. The only bummer was that my friend had not gotten a spot. The sweet friend who had thought to share this opportunity in the first place wasn’t going to be able to go! THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN.

Somehow I knew it. I knew that we were both suppose to go and even though all signs pointed to ‘no’, I just couldn’t let it go. So a month later when I got a notification that the location had changed to fit a “few more people” I knew without a doubt that she’d be one of the few.

And so it is, that two mommies who haven’t slept a whole night thru  in over a year are leaving their 15 month olds and their other babies behind and we are heading off to see what the Lord has for us!

Of course a few days ago when I got the form where I could sign up for one of the break out sessions and I chose “Publishing”  as my first choice, all of a sudden in true “Give a Mouse a Cookie” fashion I absolutely needed to have updated business cards ( or should we just call them “mommy” cards?! ) and then I figured I couldn’t get new business cards without having the website for my book news on there….and so THAT my friends is how I got business cards and a website all in one week.


Also, “abigailwilson.com” cost like a trillion dollars and so I went with abigailwilsonauthor.com  because I liked the ‘a-w-a’ symmetry of it, but then I had a crisis of identity because “author” seems very fancy. But, friends, if we can believe my editor than I actually WILL be an author very very soon.

SO there you have it! Check out my website, and be kind…because its still a work in progress…and on that note, if you are a wordpress savant then please reach out…I need your help.