A White Christmas… in January

This is Tabitha in July, watching White Christmas during surgery recovery. Proof that her love knows no bounds.

When I asked Tabitha what kind of Birthday she wanted this year, she did not hesitate a second: “A White Christmas Party.” Never mind that this is not a valid party theme. My kids have learned that they can literally name anything and I take it as my personal challenge (and enjoyment) to make a party out of it. This one was a conundrum though. I don’t know if you’ve seen White Christmas but it’s a 2 hours plus musical from the 1950s. It’s not necessarily the movie that screams “8 year old girl!”

That said, we brought in 4 of her little girl friends, had them bring their stuffed animals and made a party out of it!

Ready to party! Everyone came in their PJs!
It was a snuggle fest for sure!
We did have some crafts if the kids got bored…
A Covid candle! The one thing I plan to keep about this crazy last year. We used to eat spit cakes?!?
It’s hard to see, but I made a present ball for them to unwrap during the songs, it held all the little goodie bag prizes!

We were so thankful that we had the friends who had been safe this holiday season and willing to come “risk it” with us. I think for all or most of us, Tabitha’s party LAST year was the last kid party we’d been to! So so crazy!

I also got semi emotional about the good friends God has given both Tabitha and myself. I think this last year has taught me all the more what an incredible blessing it is to have friends you know will come, in the good times and bad, who will band together to celebrate little 8 year old girls- complete with outfits on theme and arms willing to help put food on the table and hold each other’s babies.

This year has meant I haven’t been able to add many to our “bubble” but I’m thankful for how it has been strengthen in this season. One day, I think we might even be thankful for this time! Maybe that day is today?

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  1. Awww! Much love Abigail! 😘 Beautifully written. I am thankful for friends today! And Tabitha’s lovely White Christmas Party! (The Covid Candle was funny! And smart!)🎄🎁 🎂🕯️

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