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A new year, a new start

By on December 31, 2020

Scrolled through my pictures to find one fitting of this post. Oh yes, this one!

Me with no makeup, drinking coffee in my PJs turned “day wear.” It’s all very fitting of what this year was for me (and probably many of us!). This is who I am now, but also, look: I’m pretty happy!

But first we better, back up: I haven’t truly written on this blog in over a year. It started off because I was throwing myself into a new creative endeavor working with the Into the Harvest Team and as a mom and a wife, I honestly didn’t have the mental space for much more.

But then last year happened. Even ITH was starting to feel stale, I realized something was missing, when I had a free moment I didn’t fill it with anything productive, I found myself scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. It had to stop. … and so here we are, back again. In the hopes that I can revive what is missing.

I’m trying to take a step back in time, back when social media was just a tad bit more personal. But will people even READ a personal blog anymore? Am I showing my age by acting like its 2005?! Only time will tell….

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    Stacie Bell

    January 2, 2021

    You’re back!!!! Yay!!! I fell in love with this blog when I first met you friend, and I will be reading each and every one! I love how you write as a wife and mom! I love the voice you have – a perfect mix of authentic and real and raw mixed with hope and love and Jesus…and coffee! 🙂 You go girl! I pray this is the “thing” that may be missing for you! Your very own voice, from your very own personal and beautiful space. ❤️