A new day

By on November 13, 2015

If you’ll excuse me while I brag on the good things the Lord has done for us in the last 24 hours? It is important that I put this out there because as things started to get better I would stop to send a God-brag text to various people and it seemed that every time I started to text Justice would have a huge barfing fit. Coincidence? I doubt it! But we will not be silenced! This is too good not to share!! Yesterday truly was a turning point for Justice and the only explanation for that turn is the miraculous healing power of Jesus. For instance when I look at yesterday’s feeding log there were just as many feeding “losses” as we had before. It seemed that the new plan of “thickening” Justice’s feeding wasn’t working. The doctors were getting antsy with their desire to step things up a notch. One notch being putting Justice in the NICU…where we would no longer be able to stay with him. ( break my heart into a million pieces). But I asked the doctors to give us “one more day” and even though things did not look any better on paper then they had before, I knew the prayers of the saints can achieve much! So this morning when Justice was weighed ( BEFORE eating, no less!) I was not surprised to see that he didn’t gain half an ounce ( the minimum hoped for goal for Justice) or one ounce… No, he gained THREE! A pretty huge leap.

Today we say way more dirty diapers ( never thought I’d be so happy about that!) and I would even go so far as to say that his appetite might be increasing ever so slightly! Another answer to prayer! Our doctors stopped talking about G-tubes and instead talked about “time lines for sending you home.” In a blink of an eye. Yesterday was indeed a turning point.
LIn other interesting news, Justice has had a struggle with his IV lines since we got here. Basically they have been replaced every 12 hours or so- meaning that we were running out of viable spots. So today he was supporting a head IV…which then rolled out of place and started to fill his little head up with fluids. Poor dude looks a bit like Rocky with a swollen half of a head… The good news from this? Well it pushed him loosing his IV up a little and it was decided to see how he fairs without it! I can’t wait to see him continue to exceed expectations tonight as he holds his own without the extra fluid help! This would mean we are one more step closer to getting to go home!
We have been living in Miracle-land today thanks to your wonderful prayers and our Faithful  Lord who Hears and Acts. We praise Him continually for all He has done and will continue to do for Justice.
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