A hug

Sometimes you just need a hug. A spiritual hug from On High that reminds that we do, in fact, have a Savior who is not only Lord over all, but also Lord over the little.  My mother recently did a Children’s Sunday school lesson on this. It was mostly on prayer and our relationship with Prayer,  but it also covered this finer point that we can pray about our little needs and little wants. He’s not above that! He’s not below it either!

My mom used a story from the ( wonderful!) book “If I Perish” by Esther Kim, (which is seriously one of the most incredible stories you’ll ever read), where Ahn ( the believer the book is about who is thrown into Japanese prison for her faith) is craving an apple, and how the Lord hears her little wish and does something about it.  It is truly a beautiful story that will bring you to tears and I won’t ruin it because YOU SHOULD GET THIS BOOK.

BUT this week, I had my own little “hug” that I wanted to share….

In my last post, I did some complaining about our ridiculous health care and how I’d been spending hours combing through awful doctor options trying to find one that would work for our family.

After writing my post, I also shared my struggle with my friend Stacie via text and she sent me two doctor recommendations. To be honest, I kind of scoffed to myself. After all, when I looked them up, both doctors were within 15 minutes of my house ( not so of basically any other doctor I had looked into), and they seemed actually nice, as in they might actually see you once in a while and not send in a  medical student instead….so I just assumed that these doctors would not be in my insurance network. BECAUSE I CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS ( or so I thought!). But when I called my insurance company today, BOTH doctors were in my area!!!

SQUEEEEE!!! I was so so excited! I called the general practitioner and got a well visit scheduled for mid-October, which when it comes to first-time visits wasn’t half bad! I was so excited!

Then I had to wait, it was Justice’s naptime, which is the best time to do any tedious tasks: like find doctors. But it also so happens to be “lunchtime” for doctors offices so I would have to wait till they all got back from lunch, for me to try to get an appointment with the other doctor ( the one I really needed to see!). As I waited I got a call from Brett…he had MORE good news for me!

We’d been trying to figure out how we could go see my niece get baptized but it was at the most inconvenient time for out of town guests ( Sunday evening), so Brett had asked to use some vacation days, that he needed to use up anyway, for the Monday after the baptism, so we could go!


He was calling to say the dates worked for his bosses and he’d be taking the Monday and Tuesday off so he could use up the days before he lost them! Hooray! We could go to the baptism!

Things were going so well! Would I continue in this type of favor?! It was time to call the second doctor to find out!

The office lady on the phone was so nice! She took all my information down, she said that the Doctor was taking new patients! ( hooray) but then we got to the part where she offered me appointment times….”Ohhhh,” she said. “We don’t have anything in September or October.”

My heart sank. I really needed to see a doctor. It was silly, I’d already put it off far longer than I should have ( here’s looking at you: Mom cliche of putting everyone else first). I really could not wait another two months!

But sweet office lady said she’d talk to the doctor. I got off the phone, I textmy me friend Stacie. She offered to call the office to see if she could put in a good word for me. And I waited. Honestly, I felt so much calm. So much more than I had the day before when I was practically hyperventilating regarding the unfairness and grossness of the medical system…I worked on some ministry blog posts for Into the Harvest and waited…


And sure enough, not 30 minutes later, I got a call back. “We have an appointment for you! It’s at 11am on _____!” As I walked towards my calendar to see what that particular day was, knowing full well that I’d have to say yes to the appointment no matter what conflicts I might have, or how hard it might be for me to get childcare…but nope. The day that I was offered was the Tuesday. The Tuesday that Brett had taken his other vacation day that had to be used up.

And so right there, over that little “coincidence” I felt loved. I know that even my littlest needs and worries are seen, even what its not always as apparent as it was on this day.

This is why I write this post. To celebrate. To remember just how much we are loved by Jesus.