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1. The Sun(shine) will come out ( tomorrow): Jeremy Makes my day

By on May 24, 2005

As you all know, besides writing lots and lots in my OWN blog, one of my favorite things is reading OTHER people’s writings…it delights me. I am truly addicted.
Now, I am NOT the type to go out and “surf” the blogging world, there are too many crazy people…and, can I say, BAD writing out there for me to waste my time reading their blogs-besides I have reality tv if I ever feel like being reeeeally lame.

Soooo, this leaves me people that I know. Now, I have to admit, sometimes I can stretch my boundries and read the blogs of my friend’s friends…buuuuut, thats because-hey, I like my friends enough to figure I’ll like THEIR friends. 😛

However, the best possible thing is when people I really like, people that I enjoy talking to, people who are good writers, people that I dont get to see often/ever, people that I find it hard to keep up with…when THEY start up blogs it makes me very very happy.
So, when I was having my “not sleeping because I’m stressing night of 23 May 2005” I found out that our dear friend Sunshine has re-instated a blog on the fine world of the internet. WOOOOooo.
So, Here’s to you Sunshine-I hope you find your niche in the blogging world and enjoy it in the process…I cant wait to read it! 🙂

PS. Since we are talking about blogs, I might as well go ahead and address an issue- I loved doing interviews with my fine fellow bloggers…but I find it a lot harder to do interviews with those of you that dont post very often-so THERE”S some added incentive for ya, ( *cough*cough* Jared)